• Re – generate Life SaloneSatellite2023

  • IDEA

    Milano Salone Satellite 2023

    Design concept

    Japan is a country that experiences many disasters and unfortunately many people lose their lives in these events. There is also the problem of the high rate of suicide in Japan. These issues have shaped my outlook on life and led me to explore the cycle of life in my work.

    I find life in the budding and growth of plants. For me, dying is not necessarily sad. It is a natural part of the cycle of life and can bring new life into the world.

    To develop my design ideas, I used Generative AI, which I see as a valuable asset for the next generation of designers. I sowed ideas and nurtured designs, just as you sow a seed and nurture a plant.

    Given the historical background of the COVID-19 pandemic and global conflicts, we approached the design in a way that mourns and requiems the dead. I want to remind people that death is a natural part of the cycle of life.

    Through my designs, I express myself with the aim of asking fundamental questions about the nature of life and our own identity.

    Death may decompose us, but it also nourishes other life and I see this as a beautiful and essential aspect of the cycle of life. I believe that life is connected like a vortex, which I call a ‘life stream’.

    Ultimately, I want to promote sustainable living by raising awareness of the interconnectedness of life and the importance of maintaining it for future generations.

  • Shi - Tai chair

    Lounge chair

    ‘Chair made of Paper and cardboard’

    This design is a fusion of modern and traditional techniques, born from my concern about the value of life in a country like Japan where disasters and suicides are prevalent.

    To deepen my understanding of creation and life, I used Generative AI for design study. Co-creating with Generative AI feels like a new life sprouting from a seed of an idea, allowing me to advance designs at previously impossible speeds.

    The design shape symbolizes how death decomposes life into particles that become food for other life. Sustainability was also a priority in the design.

    Inspired by the traditional Japanese lacquer craft technique called "Shi-Tai", the design was made using discarded cardboard and cushioning material, solidified with resin to add strength. This design can be applied to various types of furniture.

    Width 1100 mm
    Depth 820mm
    Height 820 mm

    Corrugated cardboard
    Paper cushioning material

  • Brilliance

    Low table

  • Sprout

    Chaise longue

  • Decomposition

    Table light

  • Discarded cardboard

  • Cushion paper

  • AI study

  • AI study

  • Rough sketches inputted to the AI.

    • CREDIT
      Hideyuki Yamazawa 山澤 英幸(swarm)
    • PHOTO